An innovative and ecological city in a unique location that you will wish to invest in.

Whether it’s for living, enjoying your retirement or vacations, or as a real estate business, Larimar City & Resort brings together all the conditions to become a unique real estate investment opportunity in Punta Cana:

An investment project with guarantees.

Larimar City shines in Punta Cana as a safe bet in real estate investment. Backed by an independent insurer, it offers an unparalleled opportunity for secure and attractive returns.

Backed by strict safety standards and a growing demand in the region, this project promises a long-term investment full of guarantees. Larimar City is not just a promise; it is a real and tangible option for those looking to invest in a market with quality and security.

A real estate project with high profitability.

Investing in Larimar City offers an attractive return per year, a lucrative opportunity backed by a unique real estate project in Punta Cana.

Our prime location, with access to airports and beaches, along with attractive green design and premium amenities, ensure the success of your investment. Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to obtain solid and lasting returns!


At Larimar City, transparency is not an option, it is a commitment. CLERHP, our parent company, is listed on the Spanish stock exchange and adheres to the rigorous reporting and transparency standards required by the Spanish Securities and Exchange Commission (CMNV).
Both the project and our organization are governed by these regulations, guaranteeing integrity and confidence in every step of your investment. We are committed to open and clear communication, because we know that your trust is the key to our success.

Don’t just feel in paradise: live it.

Located in a unique enclave, 100 meters above the sea, from where you can enjoy unparalleled views of Cap Cana, Punta Cana, and Playa Bávaro.

Perfectly connected and just minutes away from the most visited beaches, medical centers, and the airport.

10 minutes away

From hospitals

20 minutes away

From Punta Cana Airport

20 minutes away

From the best beaches

An attractive investment product with very attractive annual returns.

Ensuring 100% of the invested amount.

A solvent and innovative company leading a singular and unique project.

The innovative initiative of Larimar City & Resort arrives in Punta Cana hand in hand with CLERHP Estructuras.
We are a Spanish publicly-traded company dedicated to promotion, engineering, and construction in Latin America. With offices and delegations in Spain, Paraguay, Bolivia, and the Dominican Republic, we have a solid track record in different construction areas.

Our objective is to create added value in every action or project we undertake, for our clients, society, or investors.

That’s why Larimar City & Resort is born, to give life to a city that is environmentally sustainable and ecologically efficient.
It is also highly affordable, allowing a large number of small investors to access the luxury and exclusivity that the project offers. In addition to being a significant boost for business, investment, and development in Punta Cana.