Larimar City & Resort

The leading destination for real estate investments

If you are thinking of investing in a real estate project in Punta Cana, Larimar City & Resort offers you a smart and profitable opportunity. Be the first to take advantage of all that this pioneering city concept has to offer.

The diversity of prices, the availability of services from the first phase and, above all, the revaluation that you will obtain in the short term, make it an unbeatable investment opportunity. Estimated returns are in over 10% per annum.

In addition, we offer a short-term rental management service as an integral solution for investors, as well as interior design, equipment and maintenance, we take care of everything!

This real estate project is developed by a renowned Spanish publicly traded company and is the most disruptive and ambitious real estate concept in Punta Cana.

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Fusion of innovative, technological and environmentally friendly buildings, with open spaces in connection with nature in which to enjoy the outdoors and good weather.

Its artificial beaches, infinity pools and a spectacular Mediterranean-style promenade that backs everything, join a host of exclusive amenities in leisure, sport, culture and health to discover. 

And all this a few minutes from the airport and the main beaches, in a privileged environment, 100 meters above sea leveland with dream views of Punta Cana and the Caribbean.

Discover Punta Cana's authentic treasure

An outstanding climate, quality of life, tourist destination par excellence and tax incentives for investors, make Punta Cana an unparalleled destination for real estate investment. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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