Endless views
with Mediterranean aroma

Punta Cana Cliff

Larimar City & Resort is the most spectacular destination city in the province of Altagracia, where you can enjoy exclusive views of Costa Bávaro, Punta Cana and the Atlantic Ocean at 100 meters above sea level.

Mediterranean style promenade

A spectacular Mediterranean-style promenade that structures everything. Artificial beaches, lagoons and infinity pools join an endless number of exclusive amenities in leisure, sports, culture and health to discover.

The real treasure
from Punta Cana

Fusion of innovative, technological and environmentally friendly buildings, with open spaces in connection with nature in which to enjoy the outdoors and good weather.


The essence of the sea and the sun in your home

Warm colors, tiles, terracotta and details that reflect the Mediterranean culture.

Beaches, lagoons, leisure, sports, culture and health.

A promenade of more than 3 kilometers that structures everything, with shops, swimming pools, lagoons and restaurants.

We offer a variety of beach and lagoon options to satisfy different tastes. Includes among others, family areas, water sports areas and quieter places for relaxation.


State-of-the-art amenities

A distribution of amenities designed so that all projects have a wide range of services around them.

and Restaurants

Culinary Diversity

Variety of shops, boutiques and restaurants with gastronomic options that reflect the culinary diversity of the Mediterranean.

Sport activities

Includes water sports facilities such as kayaks,
paddleboard, beach volleyball, among others.

Events and Entertainment

Spaces for cultural events,
outdoor concerts, festivals and other activities
to encourage community participation.

Green areas

Integrate green areas with gardens, palm trees and other landscape elements that promote a relaxed and environmentally friendly environment.

Everything you could need
in one place

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