Golf & Country Club

The Paradise
of golf lovers
Golf course Country Club

Great level

Larimar City & Resort It will have a spectacular golf course designed under international standards and adapted to all levels of golfers, from beginners to experienced players.

with the environment

A golf course integrated into the environment,
which houses a great diversity of plants
and native animals.


Training Facilities
of Elite

The designers have made
more than 120 prestigious projects around the world.

Sports facilities

Social facilities

A unique experience

Country Club

Designed for those seeking a unique experience, our club offers a wide range of services and amenities that go beyond expectations.

Gastronomic offer

It will have luxury restaurants and bars.

Spa and wellness services

Spa and wellness services for our clients.

Regular social events

Theme nights to live concerts.

Kid's club

A magical and exciting space

Fun Educational Activities: From crafts to educational games, our activities are designed to mix fun and learning. Kids can engage in creative projects, explore hands-on science, or immerse themselves in exciting stories.

Special Events and Celebrations: We celebrate special occasions to make them unforgettable. Birthdays, theme parties and seasonal events become magical moments in our kids' club, where each child feels special and loved.

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