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Normally a few weeks pass from when the contract is signed until the data is transferred and the policy is managed with the external company ATRIO, which is the company that issues the documentation and sends it to Larimar City.

It is important to note that any possible delay in the management is not under our responsibility, since the management is carried out by an external company.

All information related to your purchasing process will be managed by the person in charge of the customer service department Macarena Perona, for which you can contact her via email [BEST TO CREATE A GENERIC EMAIL ADDRESS: / ]

Interest for full payment of capital is paid at the end of each quarter and always within the same calendar year.

Once construction is completed, each client will be summoned at least fifteen days in advance to proceed with the notarial signing of the sale. At this time the delivery of the property will be formalized and the remaining payment will be made, in accordance with the terms agreed in each case.

The project follows the established schedule. Thus, the receipt of the different licenses for each of the buildings is planned, according to the delivery times, during the year 2024. The execution of the works will begin with clearing and urbanization, followed by the construction of the first tower. Larimar City is committed to meeting the agreed upon deadlines, and any changes will be communicated in advance, with detailed adjustments as necessary.

Choice of materials and interior designs is carried out when the tower structure is in its final phase. We will notify you so you can choose between the available options. In addition, you will have the after-sales team and decoration specialists at your disposal to help you at all times if you decide to hire them during the finishing phase.

Furnishing service is contracted and paid once the property is delivered. We offer different options adapted to your budget. If for any reason you cannot do it yourself, our team of specialists can do it for you, ensuring that your apartment will be decorated and equipped.

complete vacation rental and short rental management service to maximize the profitability of your property. This service puts in your hands the latest technology for managing reservations, preparing the apartment, cleaning, welcoming breakfast for guests and personalized attention during their stay. In addition, we take care of cleaning and preparing the property before the arrival of the next tenants, communicating any forgetfulness or incident during their stay.

This short rental service, like that of other companies that may operate in Larimar City, will have a cost of 25% of the price per rental day. The income for the vacation rental will be paid monthly to the owner, depending on the occupancy of the property.

Logically, until there is a transfer of ownership, the company that owns it is responsible for the care and management of damages.

Although it is not required by law, it is always recommended for all purposes.

It is not strictly necessary to have a bank account in the Dominican Republic to receive income from vacation rentals. You can receive the proceeds into a bank account in your home country. However, it is important to consider local tax regulations and potential international transfer fees that may apply. We recommend that you consult with a financial or legal professional in the Dominican Republic or your home country to obtain personalized advice based on your situation.


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