Larimar City & Resort

A more equitable, safe, efficient and sustainable city

Smart City

We integrate the latest technological innovations

Digital technologies in our networks, services and infrastructures.

Cutting edge technology

An increasingly connected and technologically advanced world

This innovative urban approach combines cutting-edge technology with careful planning to offer a superior lifestyle, operational efficiency and unmatched economic opportunities.

Efficient infrastructures

Intelligent energy networks that optimize consumption.

Smart Buildings

Sustainable constructions with ecological certification. Home automation technologies for efficient management.

Health and Wellness

Healthcare centers equipped with advanced technologies, such as telemedicine.

Leisure and Culture

Cultural spaces, squares and recreation areas with regular cultural events and activities.

Cutting Edge Education

High-quality educational institutions with a focus on emerging technologies.

Environmental sustainability

Smart waste management and recycling programs.

Larimar City & Resort

Key Technologies

Our city offers a unique and quality lifestyle, while employing the latest technologies to improve the efficiency and living experience of its inhabitants.

5G connectivity
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Internet of Things
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Intelligent Data Management
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Efficiency, interconnectivity,
safety and sustainability.

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