Buy to rent vs buy to sell:
what is better?

When entering the real estate market, there are two main strategies that investors usually consider: buy to rent y buy to sell. Both tactics have unique advantages and disadvantages that appeal to different investor profiles, depending on their objectives and risk tolerance.

Buy to rent vs buy to sell.

Choosing between these two routes depends on several factors, including:

Personal financial goals


Are you looking for a constant income or a considerable profit in the short term?

risk tolerance


Markets can fluctuate, affecting both property values ​​and occupancy rates.

Temporary commitment


Owning and leasing requires ongoing management, while selling allows for quicker disengagement from the asset.

We'll look at each strategy in detail, examining how they generate income and what profit potential they offer.

It is profitable
buy an apartment to rent?

Investing in rental housing has become an attractive strategy for many investors. The possibility of earning passive income month after month is a tempting prospect, but it's important to understand the numbers behind this claim.

Sustainable Passive Income

By purchasing a property with the goal of renting it out, you position yourself to receive a steady stream of income. This means that, after the initial investment and expenses associated with the purchase and development of the property, you can expect a periodic return without requiring daily active participation.

En Larimar City, we understand that not all of our buyers can travel to Punta Cana to prepare the home for tenants. Therefore, when investing in any of our projects, such as Horizon View, We offer a comprehensive vacation rental management service, where we take care of everything. We prepare the apartment to receive your guests, we manage the cleaning and personalized attention during their stay.

This is one of the most important reasons why invest If you are thinking of buying to rent.

Comparison with Other Investments

Compared to the stock market or other more liquid investments, rental returns offer distinct advantages:

  • Stability: Unlike stocks, which can fluctuate significantly, rental income tends to be more consistent.
  • Control: You have greater control over improvements that can increase the value of the property and, therefore, rental income.
  • Inflation Protection: Rents are often adjusted for inflation, which can provide an additional layer of financial security.

Greater Control over Property

When purchasing a property to rent, you get direct control over its management. This means being able to carefully select tenants and establish policies and rules that fit your preferences and investment objectives.

Additionally, you have the ability to make decisions about the maintenance and improvements of the property, allowing you to keep it in optimal condition and increase its attractiveness to tenants.

to buy to sell

The strategy of buy to sell It has several benefits that can be especially attractive if you are looking for a short-term return on investment.

Main Advantages

Quick Capital Gain

By buying, renovating and selling, you can make a significant profit in a relatively short period. If done efficiently, the post-renovation property appreciation can far exceed the initial costs.

Visual impact

A newly renovated property is more attractive to potential buyers. Aesthetic and functional improvements increase interest and may justify a higher sales price.

Valorization Potential

In rising real estate markets, you can benefit from the natural increase in property values ​​in addition to the value added by renovations.

Control over Investment

You have the opportunity to directly influence the final value of the property through the improvements you decide to make.

How to live off real estate income:

While living off real estate income is usually associated with renting properties, those who buy to sell can also generate recurring income if they reinvest the profits obtained in new properties to follow the same process.

Here are some practical tips to optimize this strategy:

  • Conduct Market Research: Before purchasing a property, research the local market. Understand current trends and preferences to ensure your investment is in demand.
  • Establish a Clear Budget: Determine how much you can spend on the purchase and what amount you need to reserve for renovations. Maintain a financial cushion for unforeseen events.
  • Get Adequate Financing: Assesses different types of mortgages to rent or buy with the intention of reselling. Choose an option that offers favorable terms and fits your financial strategy.
  • Build a Trustworthy Team: Work with qualified contractors, experienced real estate agents, and legal advisors to successfully navigate the entire process. In Larimar City We offer you advice and constant support to keep you informed about your investments.

How to live off real estate income

In the end, whether you choose to invest in property for
rent buy reform and sell |

The essential thing is to carry out a detailed and informed analysis before making any decision.
If you are interested in buying to rent, in Larimar we have several options that might interest you.
Do not hesitate to contact us and our team of professionals will advise you in a personalized way.

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